Support the Fall Health Care Enrollment Festival

1404441_1427648564124013_316601398_oAttention good people!! I’ve got part of your Saturday planned for you. As many of you know I am a staunch supporter of the Affordable Care Act aka ‘Obamacare’. To me it is the single most important piece of legislation in President Obama’s entire era.  October 1 has come and gone and open enrollment has begun (minus a few glitches). The hype is real but so are the questions. Which plan will I choose? How much will it cost? What do they cover? What happens if I don’t get covered? What is required of me if I already have coverage? It can cause some serious alarm particularly since every American citizen is required to have health insurance now. Everyone’s situation is different and when it comes to selecting the BEST insurance plan for you and your family you want all the information under your belt.

Enter the Howard County Fall Health Care Enrollment Festival (sound the horns!!!). This Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 11 am-4 pm at Howard Community College there will be trained staff on hand to talk to you about all of those questions, help you with the website, and get you signed up. As a professional health writer, I have been covering this law for over six months and let me tell you it’s deep. People everywhere have been anxiously awaiting this roll out. You’re not alone in this by a long shot. So far 476,000 people have filed applications for health insurance. It’s not a game.

Remember how I was afraid that my people wouldn’t get on board with this thing right away?? Well my fears have been allayed temporarily. Enter the African-American Community Roundtable of Howard County  (sound the horns again!!). They are co-presenting this event and I am loving all of that right now. There is a strong presence of educated, politically au courant, financially stable African-Americans in Howard County and they are not sitting by watching the action from the cheap seats. They are organized and ready to take their seat at the table. Hell they’re making their own table these days. Impressive!!

Thank you to Congressman Elijah Cummings and Councilman Dr. Calvin Ball for making this happen. You guys totally ROCK for this one.

Alright! That’s my best spiel at 2:30 am. Get your calendar out and mark it down.  GO!!!

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