Black Men as introverts. The plot thickens…

One of my favorite blogs is Very Smart Brothas. Two provocative, articulate Black men who blog about life, relationships, and anything else in between.  Many times they piss a lot of folks off including yours truly. Many times they say the things that everyone else is thinking but don’t want to say out loud (again including yours truly).

So as I’m up in the middle of the night trying to remain cool in my unair-conditioned home, I read this post on their blog about introverted Black men. It made me smile. I’m married to a Black man who is a classic introvert. He is the total opposite of me although I do have my introvert moments as well (I just don’t feel like being “on” all the time). My husband is ok with going out and socializing occasionally but after a while I can see that it is mentally draining for him to constantly engage in conversation. It’s wise to not push the envelope when he gets to that point.  Although my son is Autistic, I can tell that beyond the Autism, he’s the same way. WAIT!! My daughter is too. How did I end up here?

I am so pleased with this post that I’m sharing it with my readers too. Black men are fabulous, fascinating, and DIVERSE and if you try to put them in one box you will hurt yourself repeatedly. Read on. Discuss it. Share with others.

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