OMG!! I have a job interview

interview29Umm…yeah so….about that title. It’s true. I really do have a job interview. I’m still trying to get over the shock that someone actually wants to sit down with me and discuss my possible future with their company. Lemme explain.

I have been knee-deep in the process of writing an article for one of the publications I write for in DC. It’s about a company in that deals with health ( forgive the vagueness of that statement but I don’t want to give too much away in a blog). They are led by a young CEO and his admin team of superstars. They’re very community oriented. They listen to the consumer. They are include social justice and political issues that affect health into their mission. And they are all about creating a healthier person from the inside and out. Very holistic. I was über impressed.

Last week I was interviewing the CEO on the phone to wrap up some things. This was our third conversation and it was a phone interview (I was actually at teaching and managed to sneak away to sit in my hot car for 20 minutes to make this happen. The things I do for journalism.) At the end of the conversation I decided to make a bold move. I asked him if they were still hiring. He said ‘yes’. Well that was the deciding moment where I figured I can either walk away and kick myself for not asking for what I wanted or I can strike. I went for it. I told him my background, how much passion I have for preventative health and how much I would really like to work for his company. TOUCHDOWN!! We are set to meet on Friday to discuss his vision for health education in his company.

I am assuming that a talk means an interview. And interviews where I’m in the hot seat make me nervous umm…petrify this sh*t out of me. Really. I loathe being put on the spot. I need time to think before I speak and interviews don’t really allot for that. But if you wanna make a omelet you gotta break some eggs, right?

Ok. Now for what makes me nervous umm…petrifies the sh*t out of me about all of this. Well for starters

  • My current job. I haven’t been on a career interview in about 17 years. Teaching has been my whole career since I graduated college. I don’t really know what it’s like in the ‘real world’. Sorta like being locked up in prison for years and my cell mates are under the age of 12. Also, teaching has spoiled me for office jobs. I can’t stand the thought of being in a cubicle but something tells me this isn’t your regular cubicle job.
  • The salary. This could sooooo be the perfect job for me but if it’s a pay cut I’ll have to take a pass.
  • The commute. Their office is in DC so I would have to take Metro or the commuter bus daily. Wooooo hooooo for working in my hometown but it could mean getting home much later than what my family is used to. I really wish I could have found a job here in Howard County.
  • My skill set. I am a health nut for sure. I just sat and watched a webinar about the Affordable Care Act last night on my own accord. But just because I write about health, eat somewhat better than most, run half marathons and know a few things about the new health law doesn’t necessarily qualify me for a new career. I’m not downing myself when I say that. Just being honest.
  • The lunch. Mr. CEO invited me to lunch for this talk which caught me way off guard. Why not meet in his office? He’s going to buy me lunch when I’m the one asking for a job?? It kinda set off my city girl sensor but I’ll roll with it. My girlfriend insists that I’m overreacting to that. “Yeah you’ve been teaching way too long girl. That’s how things work now.” Ok. If you say so.
  • The zit on my face. Yeah you read that right. I have a pimple. And right now it’s buggin the hell out of me. What if this guy is one of these eccentric CEOs who would not hire me because I have a bump on my pretty face. Ughhhh!! I’m going to the ER if this thing doesn’t clear up by Thursday morning.

I guess we’ll see what happens. I will do my very best to impress this gentleman and hope that he has a good offer in mind. If it falls through and I don’t get an offer it won’t be the worst thing ever. It never hurts to practice my interviewing skills. And I get a free lunch at decent restaurant which I will happily enjoy consuming with a ton make up on my face. GAME ON!!!

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