Vote for my blog (because I don’t suck that bad)

pleasevote.11Well well well…I got some validation yesterday in the form of a text message that made me feel kinda special. My dear, sweet friend said that he voted for me for the best blog in Ho Co. Either he really loves me or he doesn’t read many blogs. 🙂

Ok. Seriously, when I think about it I’m not such a bad blogger. I call things like I see them, support my points with links, and use pretty decent grammar. Plus I’m new to blogging scene so it’s good to hear a fresh perspective on things. Am I aimed on just one topic like politics or the finer points of motherhood? Nope. But that’s what you probably like about me. A little ‘unpredicatableness’ and wider range in my topics keeps many readers coming back for more. I also tell things from an African-American perspective which I don’t see much of in the Ho Co bloggin world. All in all, I can wear that title of “The Best” very well.

So vote for my blog as the best blog in Howard County. Unfortunately you only have two days to do it. Now for those of you who don’t live in Howard County, you are probably unaware of how this works (particularly all of my UK readers). In order for your ballot to be counted you must vote in eight categories. YES 8!! I will let you copy my answers so your ballot can count. Check this out:

  • Best Blog– The Scratchpad of An Urban Bushwoman- WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!! Go UB!!!
  • Best Car Dealer– Car Max. They sold me my car and I liked the service.
  • Best Charity/Non-Profit– The Pearl Foundation, Inc.
  • Best Consignment– Cutie Patootie
  • Best Eye Care– My Eye Dr. I got a check up there recently and I never laughed so much at an appointment. I forgot the doctor’s name but he’s hilarious.
  • Best Garden Center– Grandfather’s
  • Best Hair Salon-Studio A
  • Best Place to Buy Wine- Perfect Pour. There’s a guy named Ken that works there and he’s THE BEST SALESMAN EVER!!!

Well there you go. Click on this link right here to vote >>>>>>>,0,2718231.story

You have until Saturday, August 31st. Let’s go!!!

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