Why I will NOT be attending the March on Washington

March_eAlertOk. Before you snatch my Black card, lemme explain. First of all, I have two weddings to go to and I need time to put my game face on. Secondly, I have a bad neck pain and I’m pretty sure it’s due to stress and heartbreak (I’ve had a pretty rough two weeks y’all).  Third of all, I’m just plain ol tired of marches and speeches without action. Don’t tell me what you’re gonna do. Show me.

I am very proud of the fact that sooooo many people will assemble on the National Mall in my hometown to remember and commemorate. This march was one of the most powerful statements that the African-American race made collectively in 1963. We were bonded. We were in unison.

The change agents of 1963 were bold and focused on remaining unified with our people through thick and thin. We did things on a number of levels to show that our people mattered. We fought to own our own businesses and spent our dollars there. We supported candidates running for offices with our checkbooks as well as our big mouths. We produced our own media that uplifted and educated our race. We showered our youth with support and guidance to keep them on the straight and narrow. Even our appearance and speech showed how deep we were into our race (think dashikis, afros, and the phrase ‘Right On’).

Nowadays I’m not so sure what were about. There’s a whole of of infighting and mistrust among our folks (not that everybody was legit in 1963 but it’s clearly different now). We operate on our own agenda and talk bad about those who struggle. We blame President Obama for not doing enough for us.  We shy away from politics and cower behind the ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ catch phrase. Our money is poured into bullshit that does nothing to help us in the long run like fashion and jewelry, and huge SUVs. We run scared from our own youth and curse the White man when he locks them up for crimes committed. In short, I can’t figure out what our agenda really is in 2013. Where are you 1963 rebels when we need you?

I hope things go well at today’s march and my people are finally shook out of inertia. Stop talking about it and be about it. I wanna see these organizers follow up with the spirit of today by getting some things started for real this time. I would like to see things like this come as a result of today’s event  (in no particular order)

  • Run for office and support those candidates who are about something with your money.
  • Start a reputable business that offers something that will sustain over the years.
  • Actively mentor our youth (don’t just pose for a picture with them for your stupid Facebook page).
  • Learn the laws of our country and work to keep us informed about the policies that are being created that will ultimately affect us as African-Americans.
  • Pay attention to our environment and the ways in which we can maintain sustainability.
  • Take care of yourself and your family’s health so that you can live long enough to witness the changes over the years. Don’t you wanna be here for the 100 year commemoration?

I know I sound like a sour puss here but I’d rather do my part everyday to make things better than to stand for one day in the sun on the National Mall just to be seen. Symbolism is wonderful and I would never knock it. But follow up gets respect. Real movement requires action. What are you going to do?

March on that. Speak on that. Act on that. Right ON!!!


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