Things that Make Me Shake My Head: Merriweather Post

It is 9:02 pm. I am watching television (the Scandal marathon on BET to be exact). And I am simultaneously listening to the concert FIVE MILES AWAY FROM MY HOME at Merriweather tonight. I wish I could say that this is the first time but it’s not. I hear these concerts frequently. Tonight it seems to be EXTRA loud.

I once emailed my council member Mary Kay Sigaty about the ratchetness in the woods. I got one of those ‘there, there baby‘ responses from her secretary not MK herself. She said ‘the council woman wants you to know that she hears the noise too from her home.’ What a crock of bullshit! That didn’t explain to me what she’s doing about it. But I guess that response tells me all I need to know.

Chalk this one up to one of the golden reasons why I just can’t get completely comfortable with living in Howard County. If you’re going to torture me with this crap at least let it be a concert that I wanted to attend but couldn’t. Sigh…

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