Freeze your complaints about school closings, please

Wooo hooo?? NO!!

Wooo hooo?? NO!!

Another snow storm has threaten to shut down the area. I am so not happy. I want to get out early for the summer and not make up snow days into early July. But if it has to be that way, so be it. I hear so many parents complain about the school system’s decisions about whether or not to open school. Listen up!! Before you complain about why schools are delayed or closed for this “little bit of snow” I want you to take note of a couple of things.

1.  Consider the road abroad. Your neck of the woods may very well be clear but what about the rural areas. What about the side streets where buses have to travel to pick up kids? School systems kinda work on an all or nothing basis. They cannot open selected schools on snow days unless there is an extreme emergency.

2. The bus lots must be cleared before they can roll out. Buses are not stored in warm, covered shelters somewhere off the road. They are parked outdoors in the snow. Do you expect them to be able to bust through two feet of snow just to pick your child up for school? Ummm…no.

3. The school’s walking areas must be cleared by one poor, tortured yet well paid soul.  Most of the time schools are staffed with one or two custodians in the early mornings. Three custodians if you’re lucky. Please understand that he must clear and salt the sidewalks and any outside paths so your children can walk safely into school. He also has to open the school and do his regular morning duties. How long do you think it will take him to do that? What if there was ice on the ground too? I don’t know about you but it take my husband (or me) at least 30 to 40 minutes just to clear our driveway. I cannot imagine clearing school grounds.

4. The bus stops and sidewalks need to be marginally safe. This is where you and your neighbors come in. How many of you know of someone who refuses to clear their portion of the sidewalk after the snow has stopped?  They won’t shovel. They won’t throw any salt on the ground. They will, however, complain about what the county or city government isn’t doing with our tax dollars.  God help the kids. Your sweet little cherubs will more than likely stand or walk in the street. All it takes is one distracted driver texting or Facebooking while operating their vehicle and there goes a child. Scary ain’t it?

Chew on that tomorrow while the area panics over a couple of inches of snow. You would think we could be better prepared for snow after all this time but we’re not. That’s another blog post for another time.

Thanks for reading!!

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