Things that make me shake my head: Snow in HoCo


This is what greeted me on Route 29 this evening when I crossed the Patuxent River into Howard County. On the Montgomery County side salt trucks nearly ran into each other plowing and salting. I cruised down the road singing to the radio. Then I got closer to home and I couldn’t pay to see a picture of a salt truck working for County de Howard. I creeped down the road calling on the Lord. After all that moolah we pay in taxes. Really?? PATHETIC!!!

What the hell people? Are the workers on strike? To add insult to injury, Route 108 on Saint Calvin’s side was clear while Route 108 on Sister Mary Kay’s side (ahem the road I have to travel) was just awful. And the road salt storage is on Mary Kay’s end.

Side note: Of course this doesn’t this have anything to do with the council members. That’s the way I separate the districts in my mind. Please don’t start sending them hate mail because of me. Find your own reasons to send hate mail. 🙂

I will chalk this one up to just an off day in Howard County. I’m a bit cranky anyway. I am exhausted and had to endure this very frigid week without heat in my car (just got it fixed today). Tomorrow I have to drive to one of those big bad Baltimore Universities for a class. I don’t even know where the heck it is. Ugh!!

That’s my vent for the night. Tomorrow will be better…if I survive my field trip to the Purple City.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Things that make me shake my head: Snow in HoCo

  1. I didn’t drive yesterday after 11:30 am, so I can’t speak to this personally, but I saw numerous posts saying how much better it was in Howard compared to other counties where they had been driving. Hmm…Chalk it up to saints and sinners?

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