Bon Fresco is where it’s at…sorta


Did you miss me? Yeah well…I’ve had some rough patches to work through lately so my blogging has been on hold.  But I did want to send a shout out to my almost new favorite spot to eat in Howard County.

On  Friday I got to work from home which is an extreme rarity for a school teacher. I got my hair done (yeah I know that’s not working) and decided to treat myself to lunch. Give me a gold star. Instead of going to a restaurant in PG County where the salon is,  I used my fellow blogger How Chow ‘s site to find a spot in Howard County. I tried Bon Fresco. What a treat it was…sorta.

I ordered the Pollo sandwich you see in this picture. I am no food critic but I know what I like and what I will make the trip for. The bread was soft and not too chewy. It had this olive paste on it that gave it a welcomed zing. And the chicken was not only flavorful but it lasted throughout my entire sandwich from the first bite to the last (Am I the only one in the world who insists on having meat with every bite of my sandwich? Oh well. Call me Mrs Fuddy Duddy but I think that’s how I get my money’s worth.). All in all my sandwich was very tasty.

So what’s the “sorta” part about? Well the service was completely flat. No greeting at the door even though one worker looked me right in the face (I’m not that ugly I promise). The woman who ahem…helped me looked like she would rather scrub toilets than wait on me. She didn’t offer me chips or drink with my sandwich and said nothing even close to thank you when I left. That kinda thing I can do without. Bon Fresco is not on my route as I travel to and fro nor on my side of County de Howard. If I’m going to make the trip to grab a bite, give me a grin at the very least. Sigh…. I will have to decide later if I feel it’s worth the return trip. I would recommend it only if you are a true sandwich lover,  you’re in the area and you’re looking for something the go. At least I made my tiny little contribution to the commerce of Ho Co for the month.  Now back to my life as I know it.

Thanks for reading!


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