Things that make me shake my head: The plea for God in schools

Who can really keep the God out of school?

Who can really keep God out of school?

WHOA!! WHOA!!!! Put the Holy water and crucifix down and call off the Priest. I aint no Regan MacNeil. In light of the whole Sandy Hook calamity, I’ve been seeing the debate about prayer in schools resurface.  People say that this wouldn’t have happened if there was prayer in schools. If God were in the class this wouldn’t have happened. I am no Bible thumping Christian but nevertheless I love the Lord. I wonder about some things.

1. The God I serve is omnipresent. He is already in schools so there’s no way any law can keep him out.

2. Since when do you need permission to pray. I teach my child that whenever she feels stressed, anxious, or just needs a friend she can pray wherever she stands. I dee double dog dare someone to stop her. She doesn’t need an allocated time to pray and neither does anybody else’s child.

3. If prayer in an establishment is all it takes to stop violence then I guess we wouldn’t have shootings in churches because there is plenty of prayer there, right? RIGHT!

The best we can do in all of this bedlam is make sure that we are walking right with the Lord (or have a really good explanation ready to recite) and pray for the safety of every child, adult, and living being on this planet. Amen? AMEN!

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