Things that make me smile: Calvin Ball’s latest proposed legislation

As if the man isn’t brilliant and benevolent enough, Dr. Calvin Ball (Howard County District 2 Representative) goes and proposes something else that is nothing short of wonderful. He has proposed a piece of legislation that would give hiring preferences to disabled veterans and people with disabilities (if they qualify for the job, of course). What a bright idea!! Of course as a daughter of a Vietnam War Veteran and a mom of an Autistic Superstar, I am all for this bill passing.  I often think about what my son’s future will look like if he survives these daredevil years-he is a cannonball of energy. I worry that there will be nothing for him when he ages out of all these wonderful programs. Out of 6,610  individuals with a disability in Howard County, 5,160 are considered “not in the workforce”. Talk about a staggering statistic. My son may be one of them one day and I just cringe when I think about that sad fact.  He doesn’t have to run a Fortune 500 company but it would fill my heart with pride to see him have a regular place to go every weekday where people depend on him to perform a task and pay him a fair wage for it.

I think people don’t realize how great it is to have an employee on the Autism spectrum.  They like routines, live for punctuality and schedules and chances are you won’t find an Autistic worker chatting on the phone with a personal friend about American Idol. Autistic workers may not be the social butterflies who invite folks to happy hour but they are diligent, reliable and won’t quit until the job is done.

Click here to read about the bill and another great bill proposed by Courtney Watson.

Thank you Dr. Ball for backing, battling, bolstering, boosting, and befriending veterans and people with disabilities. (Did I get enough positive ‘B’ words in there? I hope so.)

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