In voting, don’t judge a book by it’s cover

I’m standing in line waiting to vote (and I can blog at the same time thanks to this app. SWEET!!!). It is cold and slightly rainy. As people exit though, I wonder where they stood on the issues. I look at their appearance and try to size them up but that’s not a good way to tell how this election will turn out.

I saw an older Caucasian man tip out just now. His clothes look dated. His hat (trucker style) looks like it hasn’t been washed in decades. One look and you might think he went Red on the issues. But he is a senior citizen. And the candidate on the right doesn’t seem to keen on keeping seniors comfortable financially. Could he have voted for Obama?

Look at me. I write professionally about HIV & AIDS. I have made many homosexual friends over the years. Does that guarantee that I will vote for marriage equality? I have taught children from other countries English for years and have grown to love their families and embrace their cultures. Does that mean I will back the Dream Act?

I have a feeling I would be shocked at how some people vote. After all it is a secret ballot. If I knew how some people felt about candidates and issues for real I have a feeling I may lose some friends. Aint it funny how something like a ballot can cause serious strife among people? I’m glad I don’t know. I’ll just keep on guessing and carry on.

Meanwhile, I would LOVE a cup of non-partisan hot cocoa right about now.

I’m almost in now. Bye!


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