Why this Urban Bushwoman has Barack’s Back

Last night’s extraordinary speech by PRESIDENT Barack Obama got me all roused up this morning.  I was fired up and ready to go at 11:15 last night but when you live in Howard County there’s really nowhere to go.  I felt like he won the Superbowl and we should flood the streets celebrating.  But he hasn’t earned the second term yet so I will save the kegs for another time.

I started thinking about why I will vote for him. This is what I came up with in my sleepless haze last night.

1. He’s got the right idea about strengthening the middle class. I am a middle class citizen and I always feel like we get the short end of the stick.  When you think about it, strengthening the middle class makes sense. We outnumber the rich in this country. We move the economy. The rich may fool some people into thinking that they create the jobs but they only create a few for Americans. The rest of the jobs are outsourced to other countries because it’s cheap labor. Meanwhile middle class people are left unemployed. Well HELLO!!! We’re not shopping and buying big ticket items on an unemployment paycheck. Therefore, the economy slows way, way down.

2. I really support his stance on the ACA. I am fully aware of how insurance companies can really screw over hard working people who fall on hard times. I’m an AIDS activist and health advocate and to me it is extremely important to keep people healthy.  It’s also cheaper to be healthy than to treat someone who is sick.  Also I don’t see why I should have to shoulder the burden of someone else’s health costs because they refuse to buy insurance. We’re never going to get anywhere if we are constantly supplementing other folks’ health bills. And I haven’t heard of a better plan.

3. Speaking of AIDS, President Obama was the first president to initiate the creation of the National HIV/AIDS strategy.  To me and my friends that is unprecedented.  Now that plan is not flawless but it’s proof that he takes this epidemic seriously and is being proactive about fighting the disease.  And he’s put billions of dollars into this plan. Only one other president has made a major move globally to stop this epidemic. (Yes I am speaking of George W. Bush. He did the right thing with PEPFAR and I respect him for it.)

4. President Obama’s plan has created jobs upon jobs.  Like other journalists, every first Friday of the month I check to see what the unemployment rate looks like. The rates have consistently gone down for months. Not by big leaps but it’s certainly not rising. Poverty is a HUGE reason why we are failing as a country in several areas including education, health, and business.  Joe Biden said it best last night when he said that having a job gives a person some dignity. I would expect a man from a working class background like Obama to understand that sentiment.

5. He  supports a woman’s right to choose. I am so sick of the government telling me what I can do with my body (I know that sounds Republican of me). All of these laws manipulating the way women conduct their lives is absurd. Pro-lifers be damned. Where are these pro-lifers when a man decides to have a vasectomy. Aren’t they preventing a life from taking form as well?

6. I don’t know what Mitt Romney’s platform is. I think it’s because I’m constantly surrounded by Dems and they over saturate my brain with Obama’s platform. To me Romney (and Ryan who is too extreme for my taste) seems like a couple of frumpy men from a party of other men who don’t look like me or care what about my life. All you need to do is look at the Republican National Convention attendees to see what I’m talking about. Diversity was not there. Period.

To be fair, I disagreed with Obama on some things too. He is not a saint. I didn’t approve of his stance on the Plan B pill.  I was not happy with his plan to force religious organizations to pay for birth control. And ordering drone attacks that kill American citizens is simply wrong. But in this case the pros of Obama outweigh the cons. I’m not willing to take a chance and spend the next four years with a man who promises to overturn all the things that were restoring my faith in government.  Barack Obama deserves more time and another chance to make it right. I’m willing to give him that chance.

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