Things that make me smile: My dad and his surprise gestures

Quick post: I woke up to work on my computer at about 2:30 am (yeah I’m a chronic insomniac). I always check my phone before heading to the basement. I see text message from my father. This is the same man who threatened to beat me with my own phone if I ever sent him a text message. What was his message? “Your daddy loves you”. I don’t know what made him send me that message 4 hours ago.

My love for my dad is one that can never be duplicated for another man. He is my eternal hero. He’s never been the type to verbally express his love for us. But it was obvious he did by his actions. However, I’m a woman and I like to talk. Sometimes I need to hear the words .

When I was a kid I thought my dad could walk on water. And you what? That one simple message on my phone just now proves to me that he really can.

PS: I should have called this post “things that make me ball like a three year old in time out”.

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