Things that make me smile: FLOTUS at the DNC

She shined!!! She made me proud. And more importantly she continued to brand herself as a brilliant, independent thinker who can support her husband without trying to out do him. Her speech was phenomenal. It was very well written with the right balance of issues being mentioned. At times I thought it was a little heavy on the “we know what it’s like to struggle” part but that was ok. I think I see why she did it that way. I think I see what she was trying to say. Michelle and Barack are just like many American couples. They believe in hard work and no excuses or handouts. They stand up for what they believe in. They have compassion for their fellow man but don’t take it for weakness. They want to live free and make a better world for their children. I get that on so many levels. Hats off to you First Lady Michelle. You’re always first class with me.

(Side note: She’s so darn gorgeous! Why can’t I have her figure? And her hair? And her skin color? And her impeccable manicure? And her… 😦 Ok. ok. I will refer to my own post on jealousy for guidance. LOL)

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