Things that make me smile: Traveling alone

Georgia…Georgia on my mind….

Folks! In a few weeks I will be traveling to Atlanta. Why is this so important? Three good reasons. One, this will be my first time on an airplane since 1999 (Pause for gasps). I haven’t had much time  or moolah to travel like I want to and with an Autistic son at home it makes getting away a little difficult to say the least. Two, I have never been to Atlanta before. I know, I know.. But UB? Atlanta is where it’s at. Everyone loves Atlanta. Blah! Blah!! Well I tend to follow the road less traveled in my life and I don’t always fall for hype.  It looks like a cool city but not one that would register as a ‘must see’ on my bucket list.  Now if you said Madrid, Spain I would say it’s number 5 on my bucket list. Three, I look forward to traveling alone. I asked my husband to go but he turned me down and believe it or not, that’s ok with me. I like having some time away to think.  I’ve been to Philadelphia as well as New York solo. In fact I used to go to New York every summer alone and spend the day. Those were some of the best days of my life. I am extremely independent and exploring a new city alone challenges my independence. I have to figure things out on my own including locations of hotspots and transportation.  Most of all, I like being on my own schedule. I wanna be spontaneous and not have to have an executive meeting with a bunch of people about where to eat or when to take a restroom break.  There are a select few people in my life that I would love to have as a travel companion but I won’t bug them about it. I’ll be fine.

Wish me luck! This Urban Bushwoman in another urban setting is going to be bananas! I already plan to wear flip flops to the airport to save time on the strip search. 🙂


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