Things that make me shake my head: Live Wrong, Live Strong

I’ll never forget this fabulous commercial that Lance Armstrong did a few years ago.  The one line he said that gave me an instant adrenaline rush was “People always ask me what I’m ‘on’. I’m ‘on’ my bike for 6 hours a day. What are you on?”  WOW!!! The power in that statement gets me hot. Now Lance is off his bike and off his tangent as well.  He quit fighting the US Anti-Doping Agency’s claim that he was using enhancers during his training and performance.  This concession has led him to being stripped of all seven of his Tour de France championships. Yet another sports hero has broken our hearts with their dishonesty and left the public struggling to make sense of it all. We just experienced this kind of let down a couple of months ago with some cowardly Lions in Happy Valley, Pa.

Finding out about scandals like this is like finding out there’s no Santa Claus. It’s a great big let down. People start regretting that they put faith in this person and feel naive for trusting them. But life does go on. Christmas still exists whether a fat man slides down your chimney or not.  You can do anything you want whether Lance took dope or not. It’s not about him.  It’s about you, your will to achieve, and the blessing from the almighty Father. All we can do with this information is file it under your “sports heroes are human too” file.

2 thoughts on “Things that make me shake my head: Live Wrong, Live Strong

    • But why would an innocent man give in to pressure? His name and reputation is in the line (and for Lance that is HUGE). I feel like there is more to this than what we’re hearing. He can survive cancer, 7 grueling bike races but he succumbs to the pressure of the USADA? What do they have on him for real???

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