The Day of Reckoning for Evelyn, The Bully

Chad. Evelyn. Drama. Violence. Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson headbutted his beautiful but deranged wife Evelyn ‘Basketball Wives’ Lozada in a heated argument.  And now the fit hits the shan. People have been very quick to jump on this story and I can see why. It brings many issues to the surface that we oftentimes want to sweep under the house. Domestic violence is an awful situation. In fact it’s the worst. But what I notice in this story is a few questions that people are bringing up that we desperately need to address as a society. There are victims on both ends of the spectrum here (don’t be mad at me for pitying the abuser). Irony and karma are some muthas.

First there’s Chad who, by many accounts, is a dime store loser who struck it rich in the NFL. He is not exactly the brightest bulb in the socket. How do I know? For starters, he married a woman who is known to be violent (throwing bottles and plates at other women in restaurants).  What made him think that she wouldn’t try that mess on him?  Secondly, why did he keep the receipt for the condoms?  If you are truly trying to keep your affair a secret, you would cover your tracks a WHOLE LOT better than that.  Perhaps he wanted to get caught. Third, if my instincts are right, she probably baited him into hitting her so she could make him look like a monster. (Yeah women do that a lot more than we think. Don’t get it twisted.) Her behavior on Basketball Wives proves that she is not afraid to start some stuff.  Why wouldn’t she do that with him?  I feel sorry for him for not having the anger management skills and common sense to see that he was falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book. Now I hope that book gets thrown at his big head for resorting to violence.

Then there’s Evelyn, a domestic terrorist. People have pretty much cheered for the fact that Chad headbutted her.  “She got what she deserved” is what I hear people saying. No woman deserves to be hit. Ever. He is not the one who should deliver such justice.  However, I do question: When does the bully ever get their day of reckoning? She taunts. She curses. She threatens.  She throws breakable items at people.  On the reality show Basketball Wives, Evelyn is a known bully.  If another woman serves her a cold dish of revenge, would that be ok?  Yeah I know that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, but when does she get what she truly get what she deserves.  I’ve done enough damage in my life that I know better than to wish harm on others but it would be interesting to see how this plays out for her.  Negative press cannot serve as justice because it gives her exactly what she wants: a chance to stay relevant.

Evelyn and Chad clearly need many hours of psychotherapy and anger management in order to get their lives under control.  This stuff will get old pretty fast. What doesn’t get old is domestic violence whether it’s man against woman or woman against woman.  This situation has tongues wagging across the country.  I just hope that the discussions bring forth some real talk about violence, decision making, and the importance of being the bigger person in heated situations.

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