Synergy Chronicles: My First Spin Class

Well I decided to try a class yesterday. I haven’t been on the gym scene in more than a decade so classes have most definitely changed. I’m not afraid of a challenge because that’s usually where the results come from; doing something new with your muscles. Off to Synergy I go!! So I decided to … Continue reading

What Obama Isn’t “Doing” For Black People

Sooooo I gotta little pissed when I read a particular Facebook post yesterday regarding my President not doing enough for Black people (Note to self: avoid all political conversations when Aunt Flow comes to town.  My emotions cannot be contained.) Six years in office and a slew of legislations that help lower and middle income … Continue reading

Ken Ulman aka The Ho Co Health Hero

Ken Ulman aka The Ho Co Health Hero

Say what you want about our County Executive (and I know you will) but I have noticed something about him over the years. He takes health in Howard County seriously. He’s a man of action for health. He doesn’t underhandedly  fat-shame the public the way some leaders do. He doesn’t send out some worthless press … Continue reading

Bravo Howard County Health Department!!!

You can’t see me but I am giving you a standing ovation in my pajamas (at 2:36 am no less). I just read this teeny tiny blurb in the Columbia Flier about the health department creating a Community Based Care Team.  This group helps clients who have been recently discharged from Howard County General Hospital … Continue reading

African-American Culture Fair at Columbia Mall this Saturday

It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to come by Columbia Mall on Saturday, February 22, 2014 for the Annual African-American Cultural Fair. Learn about African-American history here in Howard County and abroad. Meet representatives from the many African-American organizations that support the community in Howard County. Bring your kids, learn something new, and … Continue reading

Holding my applause for CVS/pharmacy

Holding my applause for CVS/pharmacy

Take it easy and read this entire post before you start giving me dirty looks. I’m not hating on CVS.  Please don’t send me emails talking about how I need to be grateful about the recent announcement regarding their cease on the sale tobacco products. I am actually extremely grateful. I am proud of my … Continue reading

Party Over Here!! Blog Party tomorrow!

Hey y’all!! Those Ho Co Bloggers are at it again. It’s time for a party in the dead of winter. Let the church say AMEN!!! This time it’s not the bar scene as we know it. Come on out to Alexandra’s Restaurant at the Resort at Turf Valley (yeah the golf course/hotel joint on Route … Continue reading

Ultimate List of 45 Man Tips

I found this list to be rather interesting. Thought you might like it too especially if you’re raising a boy (although many of them are applicable for girls). My personal favorites are #9, 11, 26 (OOOH!! 26 is good), hallelujah for #35, 37, 41 (that one will bless your life), and 43 (AMEN!!) So many … Continue reading

Are you ready for Commitment Day?

Are you ready for Commitment Day?

If you follow my blog, you would know that I am a runner and nearly certified health nut. I am always interested in ways to help people maintain good health and have fun simultaneously (healthy doesn’t always have to equal boring). Anyway, I just found out about this event taking place here in Columbia and … Continue reading

The Phantom of the Ex

This post may not make a whole lot of sense but if you’ve ever been screwed over by a man and haven’t fully healed from it, you’ll feel me on this. Yesterday I went to the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY for the day to cover a very special forum about HIV and healthy relationships … Continue reading

The Plot Thickens at The Verona

Well it looks like the County Government isn’t taking this apartment business lying down. They’re getting up. Tom Carbo, Director of the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development, Marsha McLaughlin, Director of Planning and Zoning, and the Honorable (and apparently “Dreamy“) Dr. Calvin Ball, Councilman representing District 2, are presenting a community discussion … Continue reading

Give the Verona Apartments sale a chance

Give the Verona Apartments sale a chance

Lemme be honest with you about something: I didn’t pay attention to this issue at first because quite frankly I didn’t care. But something bugged me about it once I heard a few things. And let’s face it, when there is talk about subsidized housing more than likely it involves my people so I guess … Continue reading

Faith not fear (yes that is corny)

WHEW!!!!!!! I ain’t gonna front on this one y’all. My life is a grand mess these days. For the past two weeks, I’ve been putting out fire after fire. It’s been sunshine for two minutes then a thunderstorm for two hours. I couldn’t even enjoy my blessed birthday. I’ve been working extremely hard taking every … Continue reading

How to pitch to an editor

How to pitch to an editor

First of all, give me a round of applause. This is my 100th post on this blog. WOOOO HOOOO!!!! If you follow my blog regularly, you know that my part time job is a freelance health writer. I get all kinds of email requests for media coverage. Most of it is very unappealing (it’s so … Continue reading

Sharing my joy from the weekend

I finished my second half marathon yesterday. The Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. And may I just say it was sooooooooooo much better than Zooma in Annapolis. Flat and fast course. Good music. Perfect weather. Lots of crowd support on the course. Scenic view of the Schulkyll River. In other words: Awesome times ten!!! … Continue reading

Black Men as introverts. The plot thickens…

One of my favorite blogs is Very Smart Brothas. Two provocative, articulate Black men who blog about life, relationships, and anything else in between.  Many times they piss a lot of folks off including yours truly. Many times they say the things that everyone else is thinking but don’t want to say out loud (again … Continue reading

OMG!! I have a job interview

Umm…yeah so….about that title. It’s true. I really do have a job interview. I’m still trying to get over the shock that someone actually wants to sit down with me and discuss my possible future with their company. Lemme explain. I have been knee-deep in the process of writing an article for one of the … Continue reading

One other thought about Stand Your Ground

I went to bed thinking about how this law is applied and how some people can get away with killing someone while others must serve prison terms. If you don’t follow me, just read about Marissa Alexander, a 31 year-old Tampa Bay mother who was being beaten by her abusive husband in 2010. She fired … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #7: DONE

Half Marathon Update #7: DONE

Six months of training came down to three hours yesterday. I MADE IT!!! I’m getting teary just writing this post. I finished my first half marathon and it was a labor of love I tell ya. Here are a few conclusions that I have made about this experience. What I like about the training: the … Continue reading

Half Marathon Update #6

Well the countdown has begun. In 10 days I will be running my very first half marathon. It has been a long road to get to this day. I did 11.5 miles on Sunday. I didn’t mind the distance but UGGGGHHHHHH my period was beginning and that just jacked the whole thing up. My body … Continue reading

Welcome to Howard County, Xitomate!!!

I had a very refreshing Friday eve pick me up experience today right here in Columbia. I attended the grand opening of Xitomate, the newest Mexican restaurant in Howard County. And if you need a Monday night, Wednesday afternoon, Friday Happy Hour-because-I-don’t-wanna-go-home-yet pick me up spot, head there yourself. HoCo bloggers were invited to get … Continue reading

African-Americans need to get involved in the Howard County Cancer Prevention Study today

African-Americans need to get involved in the Howard County Cancer Prevention Study today

It’s National Minority Cancer Awareness Week (did you know that? Neither did I until yesterday). What is that? National Minority Cancer Awareness Week promotes increased awareness of prevention and treatment among those segments of the populations that are at greater risk of developing cancer. I don’t know one family that hasn’t been affected by cancer … Continue reading

Get The Scoop On Leafy Greens!

Originally posted on Eat well, Live well:
Collards: An excellent source of fiber, vitamins A and K, and calcium. Since they are full of Phytochemicals, they may help prevent cancers and promote heart health! Mustards: These leafy greens have a spicy, peppery flavor. They have vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, and fiber! Cabbage: Full…